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I am so glad that the Presbyterian Church in America finally has a LOGO! I have been waiting on this for years. It is hard to work on my church’s webpages and desktop publishing for a domination that does NOT have an official logo.

I also like an official logo to distinguish us from the apostate denomination PCUSA.


I caught up with Professor R. Scott Clark last week. Professor Clark holds a doctorate from Oxford Univeristy and is an historian and a professor at Westminster Seminary. I wanted to talk about how Christians can think about and participate in politics while respecting the distinct roles of the Church and the State described in Scripture. And we did – but Professor Clark also had some insights into the role of technology and politics. Social media in particular has democratized culture and its effects on political discourse are profound – but poorly understood and applied by most politicians and their legions of highly paid consultants. Professor Clark’s role as an historian combined with his active presence on Twitter, 2 podcasts, and his blog at the Heidelblog.net gives him a uniquely valuable perspective.

But the majority of our discussion revolved around a Scriptural approach to politics. Rather than the transformationalist view generally associated with the Religious Right over the past 3 or 4 decades, Professor Clark hearkens back to an older view. He reminds us that early Christians lived, worked, and served in avowedly pagan regimes. While the state owes all of its citizens freedom of conscience, he explains, the Church does not require an expressly Christian regime to flourish. In fact, he argues . . . 

<<< Click HERE to listen and read on the source page >>>

I really like this article by Doctor Brian Lee, pastor of Christ Reformed Church in our nation’s capitol, and he has written another excellence article at the Daily Caller.

Freedom of religion requires freedom to offend
By Dr. Brian Lee

Does religious freedom include the freedom to give offense? Does our Constitution protect the offensive exercise of religion?
With a mob at the gates on 9/11, the U.S. Embassy in . . . << Click HERE to read at the sources page >>



Hello readers of After Skubalon, Light!. This BLOG is getting a new facelift. Let me know what you think.


IT SEEMS THAT the IRS has a 14 point test to determine what is a church in the eyes of the federal government. I find the list amusing that the IRS seems to know what is a church better than most churches. Check the list out below:

  1. a distinct legal existence
  2. a recognized creed and form of worship
  3. a definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
  4. a formal code of doctrine and discipline
  5. a distinct religious history
  6. a membership not associated with any other church or denomination
  7. an organization of ordained ministers
  8. a ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies
  9. a literature of its own
  10. established places of worship
  11. regular congregation
  12. regular religious services
  13. Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young; and
  14. schools for the preparation of its ministers




REFORMATION DAY IS November 1st this year. Celebrated on the closest Sunday to October 31st. Below is a clip from the movie Luther of the Diet of Worms::

PRETTY INTERESTING BUT I don’t have an Ipod touch or an iPhone::



I am finally able to watch Stargate SG 1 and Stargate Alantis, since getting a DVR to record these shows so that I can watch them on my schedule.

Below is a funny blooper I came across. Enjoy!

MY IGNORANCE ON PHP, CSS, Java, and HTML are really obstacles to me on developing this blog to look and function in away that I desire.

So, my goal in 2009 is to try to expand my knowledge in these areas. I tend to learn more if I can see these skills demonstrated instead of reading it in a book and because of this I have decided to order trainings DVDs on PHP, CSS, Java, and HTML. I hope I can learn them to improve this site because I believe that if I can develop the site to my liking that I will be more able to concentrate on the actual blogging.

The improvements that I want to make to this site are as follows:

  • The Navbar: I would like to have a navbar that has flyoff submenus that would be created automatically every time I create a page, child page, and subchild pages. I have seen some themes that have flyoff menus but none of them will flyoff to three or more layers. I have found plug-ins that claimed to add this feature to a blog but none of them work to my satisfaction. A navbar that I have described would make it so much easier to navigate the “Reformed Resource” and “Confessions” contents of my blog. This would be a Java issue.
  • The rollovers: The link rollover links are in blue and I really don’t like them. I would like to have more traditional rollover links and would like to do general tweaking of the theme. This is a CSS, Cascading Style Sheet, issue.
  • Link Page: I would like that every time that I add a link to my blogrolls (or other side widgets) that it will also created it on my link page with my other links I would have on that page. This would most likely be a PHP issues.
  • Navigational Tab: Issues, etc has an excellent example of this function on their website. At the top left of that page is a label that gives the reader notification on what parent page they are reading. I would think this might be a CSS or Java issue.
  • Gravatars: I would like for Gravatars to be displayed in all comment sections of this blog, including the Recent Comment widget on the far right column. I downloaded the WordPress Gravatars plug-in but I am not able to get the Gravatars to display correctly on the widget like it does on Jessica’s blog. It seems to be a plug-in and a CSS issue.

I am very happy with the theme I am using now. I particularly like the clean 3-column look and the white background with the text because it makes adding images to the entries easier. After I learn all the above perhaps I can create my own WordPress theme instead of trying to tweak existing one.

I hope I can find the time. As I tell my friends, “If I didn’t have to work I could learn PHP, CSS, Java, HTML and get my six-pack-abs.” Besides, if I don’t learn this stuff this year I could always hire a local teenager.

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