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Humans are complicated, problematic creatures. We’re capable of occasionally performing amazing feats of goodness, yet we’re more likely to deal out harm and injustice. Considering all the wickedness humanity has brought to this planet, we should question whether we deserve life at all. These are some of the concepts raised, amid the humor and action and super-heroism, of the new film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In Age of Ultron, Captain America and his team of unlikely superheroes have banded together once more against a brand new villain, Ultron. A sentient robot unwittingly created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Ultron, in true Pinocchio fashion, wants to break free from his creator. But unlike the wooden boy, Ultron seeks not just to be rid of his creator, but to be rid of the entire human race.

Peace on Earth Through Extermination

Ultron is the child of Tony Stark’s fears. Afraid that he would not be able to protect his home planet forever, Stark designed Ultron as an artificial intelligence program to bring peace to Earth. However, it doesn’t take Ultron long to conclude that the cause of war, trouble, and suffering lies not outside humanity, but within.

As God used a . . .

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by Pastor Sam Schuldheisz

pl12pkI1-850x560I’d like to take a brief moment to write something positive about the entertainment industry. I know what you’re thinking, can anything good come from Hollywood? Believe me; I know. I live in Southern California. We know crazy (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and the beat goes on). Hardly a week goes by without some kind of celebrity shenanigans (serious or just plain silly) making headline news. After all, we’re still talking about Harrison Ford’s Kessel Run into a local golf course.

But once in a while the entertainment industry surprises you and gets it right. Perhaps it’s even more shocking when the “it” happens to be Christianity.

I mentioned in a previous article (Sundays are for the Walking Dead…INSERT LINK) that I enjoy watching The Walking Dead because it is a good story, and frequently . . .

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My Critical Rating: C+*
Directed By: Joe Carnahan
Written By: Joe Carnahan, Brian Bloom, and Skip Woods
Staring: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Sharlto Copley

Rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of action and violence throughout, language and smoking – oh no, you fundies out there may have a problem with the smoking)

THE A-TEAM WAS an 80’s television series that was about four Vietnam vets that were framed “for a crime they didn’t commit.” While on the run from the military police, they were “soldiers for hire” by those who needed Special Forces soldiers to kick some butt. It was a fun show.

The success of the TV show relied on four colorful characters that had great chemistry and excellent casting. The movie version definitely brought most of these qualities of the TV show to the big screen. Even the casting of BA Baracus, which I think, would be the hardest character to cast because Mr. T was such an outrageous character in real life that it would have been hard to get any actor to do justice to the Mr. T’s portrayal of BA Baracus. When you can’t recreate the character you reinvent the character.

Some Good Points:

  • Everything about the original television show that was great was, for the most part, brought over to the big screen bigger and funnier.
  • Even with the great casting of the 80’s television show it was still a low budget, cheesy television series, and the movie version amped the budget and the action. As Hannibal Smith puts it in the movie, “Overkill is underrated, my friend.”
  • Despite the some to the silliness of the premises of the television show and the movie, it is nice to have a full action movie that was fun for fun sake.

Some Weak Points:

  • The “crime that they didn’t commit” was really far fetched for the movie version of the A-Team. Are we really to believe that a set of engraving plates of US currency really fell in the hands of Arabs in Iraq? Please, I think the writers could do better
  • I would like to see, even with a movie like this, a little more connection between the action and characters. The A-Team characters are fun and colorful and action in a movie like this can over take these characters. The two rules for any good movie are good story and good characters. Action is how the story happens and story is how characters reacts to the action in the story. This movie would have been much better, I think, if the action was a little bit tighter with story and character.
  • Enough with the macho chicks in action movies! The feminizing of men and the masculating of women have moved from our general culture and are now invaded the “guys” movies. In a movie like this women are better being damsels in distressed.

All-in-all, I give this movie an overall grade of “C+” (flawed but worthy on the yahoo movie grading scale). That doesn’t mean I would not recommend this movie. In fact, I enjoyed this movie and was fully entertained, but The A-Team is what it is. Therefore, it gets a grade of C+. I hope there will be a sequel.

*A+ Oscar-worthy :: A Outstanding :: A- Almost Perfect
B+ Memorable :: B Good :: B- Fair
C+ Flawed but worthy :: C Mediocre :: C- Disappointing
Poor Effort :: D Dreadford :: D- Truly Awful
All-time worst!

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