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One Response to James White Responding to Evil and Wickedness

  • DRRNM says:

    I think James White is one of the more enlightened theologians today.

    In regard to the POE, I would agree a major problem with the public is a lack of education and I would add to what was stated in that official and unofficial lack of knowledge in Theology, Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, is what leads to in part the emotional reactions to evil that he mentioned. Ignorance as well as sinful nature.

    Look at my MPhil and PhD survey results and how important Reformed doctrines were rejected by those within the cultural Christian Church. How much more they would be by the general public.

    Yes, God wills what occurs, or the more traditional Reformed language of decrees.

    And note, even some that are educated in secular Philosophy, even with a PhD can be rather clueless in regard to Religious Studies treating it as pseudo-academic.

    Worldview education is absolutely needed at this point. My latest on S&T alludes, as you may have deduced, to the dangers of simply trusting in common thought in society.

    I have pointed out many times on my blogs in regard to the POE and Theodicy persons are finite (and sinful) and as with Job this makes judging God impossible to do accurately.

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