WHI_glass__37766_zoom-1MY FAVORITE PODCAST is the White Horse Inn. For about 10 years, I have enjoyed the BEST Reformed Theology conversation that the Internet can provide.

Every week, I can’t wait to hear great conversations from the round-table of Mike Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, Kim Riddlebarger, and Ken Jones. Every topic is stimulating and edifying to my faith.

I am also a blog reader, and I have set my RSS reader to search out blog entries containing the words, “White Horse Inn,” so that I can read of others who enjoy this podcast; like myself. You can image my surprise when my newsreader hit an article containing the words “White Horse Inn” at weedentrepreneur.com.

This is NOT the tavern that brought the Reformation to the English-speaking world five centuries ago, but a new type of tavern in Colorado featuring a “recreational hash bar.” The White Horse Inn in Del Norte, Colorado is now open since the passage of Amendment 64 that allows Colorado residents over the age of 21 to consume marijuana for recreational use.

I have to wonder if Mike, Rod, Kim, and Ken have seen this story of the new White Horse Inn in Colorado? If they are like me, they are probably a little amused that there is a new bar like this called the White Horse Inn, and I bet there are little discussions about Reformed faith at this establishment 😉

Please check out the story below:

When Amendment 64 was passed and allowed Colorado residents over the age of 21 years old to legally consume/possess marijuana for recreational use, social media buzz and water cooler conversations were a bit deafening. However, once the dust settled and all of the phony business ideas and social media posts joking of moving to Colorado for the “Green Rush of 2012″ faded, only a few stuck around. Some people just couldn’t get the idea of joining the legalization movement of marijuana in the United States out of their heads…
One of those people is Paul Lovato, owner of the White Horse Inn of Del Norte, Colorado. The inn plans to open on January 1, 2013 as “the first … << Click HERE to continue Reading on source’s site >>


2 Responses to The Other White Horse Inn

  • Travis says:

    I had forgotten about this podcast. I need to start listening again! I’m such a bad Reformer. 🙁

  • Paul Lovato says:

    My name is Paul Lovato. Reformed Christian, Theologian, Avid listener to the White Horse Inn, and Owner America’s first legal and recreational hash bar. I specifically named my hash bar after Mike Horton’s podcast. As the original Inn served as a place for reformation, I would like my bar to serve as a place where cannabis law reformation occurs and where prople can come praise Jesus and have bible study, fellowship and hear the Holy Spirit as He speaks and moves through. Because smoking hash doesn’t get you to hell and abstaining doesen’t get you to heaven. Jesus’ Death, Burrial, & Ressurestion gets us there…so says the Gospel…so if Luther drank Beer and Clavin did his thing I think I’ll be okay partaking in something that was made by God before the fall and was declared Good! Gen 1:29 ESV OR KJV…either or. And all Cannabis is free and complimentary. Not for profit! For principle and peace. Thank you! Yours because His, PL.

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