A very good post by Jeff Zweerink that demonstrates Big Bang cosmology with the creation account in Genesis days. 

Life abounds on planet Earth. We are familiar with numerous forms like people, pets, insects, and fish. Using microscopes we see a host of bacterial and viral organisms. Digging in the dirt reveals bones of enormous dinosaurs. Life takes many different shapes, sizes, and lifetimes. Scientists find life in virtually every environment where they suspect life could live and even in many they once thought life impossible. Bacteria thrive in boiling water, bubbling tar, extremely dry deserts, frozen glaciers, rocks two miles below Earth’s surface, and even environments with radiation that would destroy cockroaches. The ubiquity of life on Earth can make it seem like it should also abound in the universe.

Over the past few decades, scientists have realized that both Earth and the universe underwent significant changes that permit life so readily on Earth. In the beginning, the universe could not host life. When Earth first formed it was also hostile to life. To evaluate the possibility of life “out there,” it is useful to remember what …

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