ON THIS PAGE I am listing a few books that has been recently life changing to me. I will from time to time be adding more books to this page as well as book reviews on my blog entries.

I am NOT a professional theologian. However, I am recommending books that will help other laymen (like myself) to get a more firm foundation of the truths of scripture and at the same time recommend books that will be challenging to read. One my goals is to bring our theological understanding up to a higher standard.ESV Bible

The first book on my list is an awesome edition of the ESV Bible (English Standard Version – Click Here!). I like this edition of the ESV Bible (ISBN: 1581347006) because it has an awesome leather binding and it is very compact to carry to church every Sunday. Many study Bibles on the market today are too large to carry to church every Sunday or anywhere else. Additional features I like with this particular edition are no center-column references, no footnotes, and no words of Christ in red. It is compact Bible with just the text of scripture and nothing else. The study Bibles that I own will be used at home for studying.

Holiness SproulFor many who had read The Holiness of God by RC Sproul it has been a life changing experience (including myself). This book is considered a modern classic in Reformed circles and when many think about the Reformed Faith the Holiness of God by RC Sproul immediately comes to mind. When comes to God’s holiness all other theological understanding falls short because every theological understanding will be affected by our understanding of the essential doctrine of God’s holiness.Chosen Sproul

After getting the understanding of the holiness of God down the book Chosen By God by RC Sproul should be the next book to read. This book is very helpful in understanding true grace and the dreaded “P” word (predestination) in theology.Schaeffer Trilogy

I have the entire 5-volume set of the complete works of Frances A. Schaeffer. However the book Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy: Three Essential Books in One Volume is an excellent book in reading the Schaeffer’s apologetics from the late man himself. This volume includes The God Who Is There, Escape From Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silence.

God of Promise - HortonGod of Promise – Introducing Covenant Theology is an excellent book by Mike Horton that introduces Covenant Theology to those who has very little exposure to this theological structure. Covenant Theology is the glue that holds Reformed Theology together. If any of my readers ever grew up with the Dispensationlist understanding of scripture this book will definitely be a fascinating read. The Bible is covenantal in structure. It is not broken up in economies like the Dispensationlist suggest. Or are we purposed-driven as a recent best-seller suggest but we are promise-driven.According to Plan

The classic approach to Reformed Theology is that Christ is the center of all of Scripture. The book According to Plan – The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible is a book that attempts to demonstrate this fact by documenting the overall one story of the Bible, which is Christ. I first heard of this book when it was recommended reading by Mikey Horton (I call him that out of affection) on the White Horse Inn broadcast couple years back. It was everything that Mikey said it was which is an excellent book on the scripture with Christ as the center.Amillenialism

If Dispensationalism is or has been your understanding of the theology of eschatology (the study of future things) then let me recommend Kim Riddlebarger’s book A Case For Amillennialism – Understanding the End Times. Many years ago I embraced Reformed Theology. A couple years ago I heard Kim Riddlebarger on the White Horse Inn stated that he was writing a book on defending Amillennialism. The reason that he gave for writing this book was because it is the eschatological understanding of most in the Reformed Faith. When I heard that I was shocked because I didn’t know that! After reading his book I am now about 97% Amillennialist, which means it will most likely be 100% soon, LOL.

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